Fundraising & Private Placements

SwissInvest assists issuers with non-public offerings of securities (private placements) and places them with institutional investors worldwide. SwissInvest has a dedicated team with a track record of expertise in the private placement and new issuance sectors. From first time issuer through to repeat issuers, SwissInvest has the know-how in place to hand-hold through all stages of the issuance process and deliver new issuances in a variety of currencies and tenors.

SwissInvest has dedicated links to rating agencies, legal advisory teams, listing exchanges and paying agent banks to make this a swift process for issuers and to deliver comfort to investors.

Services*WARNING – The services of Swiss Investment Corporation Limited (SwissInvest) are NOT available to retail clients. SwissInvest does not solicit business via cold calls or emails. If you receive an unsolicited call allegedly from SwissInvest or an affiliated firm, then we would advise to terminate it immediately.